Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

The Potential of VSaaS – Video Surveillance as a Service

Software and recorded motion triggered video data is stored offsite in the cloud; from where it can be accessed on demand.  This market more recently known as “Cloud Video Surveillance” is becoming popular and as is true with market traction … Read More

Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

Can Video Management Software (VMS) Survive without an integrated Access Control System (ACaaS)?

The Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) market is estimated to top $200 million in the Americas by the end of 2015. This equates to more than 350,000 existing doors of hosted, managed or hybrid doors in 2015. For video … Read More

Cloud Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and Access Controls: Have you considered the Hidden Costs of Onsite Deployment?

Going to install a video surveillance system or an Access Control system? You just need a Windows PC and some software, right? That’s easy enough to cost out, how hard can it be to setup? It will just run itself. … Read More