Keeping your Workplace Secure in a Dynamic Environment: The Case for Multifactor Authentication in Access Control

More security with far less hassles Having an access control system that requires a unique credential to be presented every time to grant access to a secure location makes businesses feel they have all the bases covered when it comes … Read More

Cloud Video Surveillance

Cloudastructure Introduces Industry’s First Rack-Mount Access Control Solution

Traditional access control systems involve legacy door controllers mounted on the walls near the door with wires running for the reader, strike plate, sensor switches as well as REX sensors. Even though traditionally systems started with one controller-one door configuration, … Read More

A Fail Proof Strategy to Prevent Tailgating in your Building

Tailgating or piggybacking is the most common form of security breach that happens across many residential buildings and office complexes. It starts out innocently – an employee opening a door and holding it open for others, visitors without badges, or … Read More

Securing through Computer Vision: Connecting your Face to your Badge

Facial recognition technology is no longer confined to the world of sci-fi movies. There has been significant development in recent years in the use of computer vision systems for automatic face recognition. Software now exists that can scan people’s faces … Read More