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Top 5 Things to Secure your Smart Buildings

Today a Smart Building is the one that is a Secure Building. Infact, security perimeter is key to the very definition of “being in or having left the building”. All amenities associated with the building are provided for the benefit … Read More


The ‘Credential’ for Unlocking Doors Moves to your Smartphone

In the physical access control world, the key that has traditionally been used to open doors is called a “credential”. In commercial buildings, where multiple people need to go through multiple doors to access the shared facilities, there was clearly … Read More

Web Based Access Control System

Mobile Physical Access Control: A new Approach for Opening Doors

Physical Access Control technology has begun moving into the cloud over the last 2-3 years, which has revolutionized backend facility management operations and maintenance. Now it’s time to adapt the front end to this reality, where Mobility is taking over … Read More

Physical Security System

Connected Access Control and Video Surveillance System

The Key to 360 Degree Physical Security! Today, all leading organizations are aware of the modern day security threats. From internal data hacks and cyber-crimes to vandalism and break-ins, the danger is very real and is always lurking round the … Read More

Opening Doors with your NFC enabled Phone: Next Generation Physical Access Control

Opening Doors with your NFC enabled Phone: Next Generation Physical Access Control

The earliest known lock and key was discovered in the ruins of biblical city of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria in 7th century BC. Since then it’s been centuries of new types of key and locking mechanisms – from … Read More

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Secure, Green and Connected – Three Pillars to a Truly Smart Building

Innovation is changing our lives in every way possible. In the building and construction space, innovation has completely morphed the landscape from early dwellings with the primary objective of shelter from wild animals and vagaries of nature to today’s modern … Read More

Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

The Potential of VSaaS – Video Surveillance as a Service

Software and recorded motion triggered video data is stored offsite in the cloud; from where it can be accessed on demand.  This market more recently known as “Cloud Video Surveillance” is becoming popular and as is true with market traction … Read More

External Article: Camera Placement

This is a classic article, the original publisher no longer has it online.  It is copied here w/o permission, but we think they did great work and should continue to get credit. Detectives urge shopkeepers to lower cameras, use better … Read More