Intelligent Network Planning for IP Cameras

Many things can affect the data and bandwidth required to move/record/store video surveillance data. Everyone knows all about resolution and frame rate, and at least a little bit about compression levels. What most people don’t know is that none of … Read More

Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Vs Network Video Recorder (NVR)

CVR vs NVR (Network Video Recorder) – What’s the better bet?

There is an ongoing debate in the video surveillance circuit that puts the Cloud Video Recorder vs the Network Video Recorder or the Cloud vs the venerable Microsoft Windows Web Server — Which one do you support? Not able to … Read More

Innovate with Cloudastructure

We at Cloudastructure, continually strive to bring value driven innovations into our products taht makes your security system truly smart. Here is a look at the future direction of our products and solutions that can help you plan ahead. Read … Read More

Cloud Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and Access Controls: Have you considered the Hidden Costs of Onsite Deployment?

Going to install a video surveillance system or an Access Control system? You just need a Windows PC and some software, right? That’s easy enough to cost out, how hard can it be to setup? It will just run itself. … Read More