Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

The Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) market is estimated to top $200 million in the Americas by the end of 2015. This equates to more than 350,000 existing doors of hosted, managed or hybrid doors in 2015. For video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) (Also known as Video Management Software), IHS estimated the global market will be worth more than $900 million in 2015.

The benefits of cloud-based physical security have now been proven in the marketplace. They include:

  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More IT-friendly
  • Better security
  • And the often desirable move of security expenses from capital to operating expenses

As more and more Video Management Software(VMS) companies move to integrate their offerings with and (in some cases) acquire access control platforms, the benefits of fully integrated access control and video surveillance are accruing to list of benefits outlined above.

Integrated, cloud-based Video Management Software and access control systems enhance the overall functionality of the total security solution in a number of ways. Without expensive analytics, the video system has no way of knowing who it is recording. When coupled with an integrated access control system video can be tagged and delivered to any mobile device to provide real-time monitoring of specific individuals or groups in specific situations. For example, an owner of a chain of retail outlets could easily monitor each daily opening of the store by his managers.

In addition, by coupling real-time video with a cloud-based access control system, remote door access is easily granted based on visual confirmation.

Reach Systems (now Cloudastructure, Inc) pioneered the first cloud-based access control platform 10 years ago and has deployed that system in similar situations to those outlined above. In one case a large electrical utility in Texas uses the Reach System, coupled with a hosted video solution to allow a supervisor to remotely unlock equipment yards for linemen during off-hours, no longer requiring him to get out of bed at 2AM in the middle of storms to go unlock a gate.

The Reach Access Control System (ACaaS) has also been fully integrated with the Axis AVHS system and the Connexed (now Cloudastructure, Inc) , cloud-based video surveillance platform to provide the enhanced functionality of integrated video and access control. It is purpose built to be easily integrated with almost any cloud-based service to further extend its functionality.

One of the major beneficiaries for hosted access control and video are the clients with multiple locations. With the Video Management Software functions residing in the cloud, a user only needs one login and password to remotely view and manage every location. In addition, system upgrades can automatically be handled from the backend saving time and money from a person being sent out to each site.

Glenn Forrester
Founder, Vice President - Business Development
Mr. Glen Forrester has 22 years of experience in establishing and operating emerging growth companies in the technology field. He founded Reach Systems in 2005 after identifying an opportunity for a disruptive technology in the physical security market. Most recently, he served as President of SPINS, Inc., an information services company providing critical product movement data to the Natural Products Industry. Previously he served as President of Tiger Object Systems, a developer of object-oriented programming tools. He also served as Vice President of Research & Development for Intoximeters, Inc., a global provider of alcohol breath testing equipment, a field in which he holds several key patents. While an undergraduate he founded and served as President of Coral Software, a provider of educational software and software development tools for Artificial Intelligence application development. Apple Computer ultimately acquired Coral in 1988. Mr. Forrester received an A.B. cum laude from Harvard College.