Cloud Video Surveillance

Untitled-1Traditional access control systems involve legacy door controllers mounted on the walls near the door with wires running for the reader, strike plate, sensor switches as well as REX sensors. Even though traditionally systems started with one controller-one door configuration, pretty soon the smart facilities folks figured that they could mount these controller panels on the wall and run cables to multiple doors resulting in one controller with multiple panels corresponding to each door.

With numerous cables running from these controllers to the doors, it was only a question of time that the aggregation of door controllers became too complex for the facilities team to handle – the laws of probability exponentially increased the chances of a failure. A simple cable break anywhere within the wiring maze around the panels substantially increased the cost and time to pinpoint cause of failure and resulting maintenance issues.

But as systems scale and become increasingly complex, the selection and maintenance of these systems poses an issue which is leading facilities departments to yield the decision process for both selection and maintenance to IT side of the business. In most sectors like Education, Utilities, Telecommunications this transition is already evident, even though the pain of managing multiple wall-mounted door controllers is something that IT departments are not used to servicing.

Untitled-1Cloudastructure has therefore introduced the industry-first rack mount version of its cloud door controller, which not only is mounted on the IT rack, it does not require separate batteries for power outs because it is directly powered by POE (power over Ethernet) plug-ins on the rack. Connect a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) at the bottom of the rack and you are assured of literally 24×7 access control solution with zero or minimal maintenance by IT. The rack version of the Cloud Door Controller (CDC) has substantially higher capacity – controlling up to 96 doors from single rack mount configuration. Checkout our Access Control solution; details about Cloud Door Controller or just call 650.644.4160 to find additional details.

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