We at Cloudastructure, continually strive to bring value driven innovations into our products taht makes your security system truly smart. Here is a look at the future direction of our products and solutions that can help you plan ahead. Read on…

Working with Cloudastructure means exciting times for your organization!

Our value driven innovations are designed to deliver a strategic advantage to your enterprise via smart integrations that connect the people, processes and systems of your enterprise.

One of the key projects that our team is currently working on is called ‘SmartKey’. SmartKey is an innovative mobile application that will equip your smartphones with the ability to unlock doors in their vicinity, without the need for you to carry traditional access cards. What it means is that the access credentials needed to unlock a door will be pre-configured into your smartphone through the SmartKey app and, as soon as you go near the door, you will be able to gain access to it seamlessly. The team is working incessantly on making this process as natural as it gets. With the recent advances in the Location Based Services, the GPS tracker of your phone can be used to give the user an abbreviated list of doors near them to open, with the door right in front of them at the top.

This unique application is bound to make traditional access cards ancient relics. The operational and security related hassles of access cards are also completely done away with. Soon you will be able to onboard a new employee and give their phone access to whatever buildings, and whatever doors in those buildings, without the employee having to pickup a badge first.

Think of walking into your office using the smartphone instead of your access card to open doors, gain access, and mark attendance without filling in multiple screens. You even end up paying your canteen food and parking fee or borrow books from library though the smartphone.

Yes that’s the future and we are committed to taking you there.

Here’s a small video of me and my partner, Glen showing you how it works.

Rick Bentley
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Rick Bentley has over 20 years of Silicon Valley startup and technology experience. He was founder and CEO of Televoke Inc. (became deCarta, bought by Uber) where he raised eight figures of Venture Capital. Mr. Bentley has been a full time Advisor to Google X. He was a direct report to Andy Grove for half a decade. Investors have brought him in for interim-CEO roles at early stage companies. He was a Senior Consultant at Bearing Point Inc., which included two assignments in Baghdad. At General Magic he managed the “Portico” program, derivatives of which serve over a million subscribers. He was Director of Business Development for Machina, a design and engineering house that developed consumer electronics products, some of which sold over 10MM units. He was also Director of Product Development for Sensory Inc, which currently has the largest installed base of speech recognition systems in the world. Mr. Bentley is the author of multiple patents and patent filings, many of which were bought by Samsung in 2014. He received his BA in Physics and MS in Engineering from UC Berkeley.