Partnership Program

We, at Cloudastructure, understand the criticality of our security systems for the smooth functioning of your organization. Our systems are designed intelligently to give you the complete control of your premises at all times. With provision to schedule instant automated alerts if the doors or the cameras go offline for any reason you can be rest assured that the system takes care of everything under all circumstances. Besides, administering the Cloudastructure system doesn’t require access control knowledge, extensive training or support from your IT department. Our team is always there to get you up to speed in no time.

Customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our delivery model as we try to provide you the best of services to make sure you remain always connected and secure. Whether you’re at another location, at the corporate office, or even on the road, Cloudastructure is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere you have internet access. We have a dedicated professional support staff that is committed to provide assistance to you whenever you need it and wherever you need it. Our support window include the following:-

  • Live phone support during normal business hours across the US
  • 24×7 system monitoring and real-time action in case an issue is detected
  • Dedicated technical support technician

In addition to the above, we provide lifetime warranties on the CVR and Door Controllers with automatic upgrades and updates.

We endeavor to become more than just a security systems vendor to you & work as your partners towards ensuring a secure and connected environment. We therefore work as your consultants taking care of every minute detail in planning and implementing your security systems. From guiding you on choosing the right spots to install cameras to finding and qualifying local installers that best meet your needs – we are always there with you.

In 2016, we will be developing and implementing a Customer Satisfaction survey wherein we will invite you to provide your feedback across various parameters including product features and service quality. We hope to get your full support through your responses that will help us improve our services even more.

In closing, I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions about our service delivery and I shall be happy to assist you.

Chris Marshall
Chief Operating Officer
Mr Chris Marshall is a an accomplished COO, leader in transforming service delivery models and keeping organizations focused during periods of change. Successful track record leading, managing and delivering business solutions in diverse industries, extensive experience in program managing complex, global transformation initiatives, integrating the necessary elements of People, Process and Technology.