Web Based Access Control System

Why Cloud/Web Based Access Control is Best for Geographically Distributed Remote Facilities?

Let’s look at a fairly typical scenario for an energy, communications or transportation company – with or without a cloud/web based access control system. You have a large mobile workforce (linemen, technicians, service people etc…) that need access to dozens or … Read More

Innovate with Cloudastructure

We at Cloudastructure, continually strive to bring value driven innovations into our products taht makes your security system truly smart. Here is a look at the future direction of our products and solutions that can help you plan ahead. Read … Read More

Mobile Cloud Key Door Access

How about a ‘SmartKey’ on your Mobile to Open Doors?

Moving to a New Paradigm of Access Control (ACaaS) without Readers or Cards Most networked access control doors employ proximity card readers. The user presents the card to the reader which reports the card’s unique code to the control panel … Read More

Access Control As A Service For Beginners

Beginner’s Guide to ACaaS: Why Cloud based Access Control as a Service is the Future?

Is there a cost effective way to deploy networked access control at multiple remote facilities using a traditional access control system? The simple answer is “No.” Let’s look at a fairly typical scenario for a utility company. You have a … Read More

Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

The Potential of VSaaS – Video Surveillance as a Service

Software and recorded motion triggered video data is stored offsite in the cloud; from where it can be accessed on demand.  This market more recently known as “Cloud Video Surveillance” is becoming popular and as is true with market traction … Read More