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Property Managers – How Are You Managing Access Control in Your Buildings?

Property managers face a difficult task in providing security across their facilities for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that there are so many different types of properties that need to be managed, each with a … Read More

Web Based Access Control System

Why Cloud/Web Based Access Control is Best for Geographically Distributed Remote Facilities?

Let’s look at a fairly typical scenario for an energy, communications or transportation company – with or without a cloud/web based access control system. You have a large mobile workforce (linemen, technicians, service people etc…) that need access to dozens or … Read More

Properties Industry

Secure, Green and Connected – Three Pillars to a Truly Smart Building

Innovation is changing our lives in every way possible. In the building and construction space, innovation has completely morphed the landscape from early dwellings with the primary objective of shelter from wild animals and vagaries of nature to today’s modern … Read More

Cloud/Web Based Access Control System

ACaaS : The Most Effective Solution for Access Control at Remote Facilities in the Utilities Industry

Is there a cost effective way to deploy networked access control at multiple remote facilities using a traditional access control system? The simple answer is “No.” Let’s look at a fairly typical scenario for a utility company. You have a … Read More