Video Surveillance As A Service Cloud Video Camera

Software and recorded motion triggered video data is stored offsite in the cloud; from where it can be accessed on demand.  This market more recently known as “Cloud Video Surveillance” is becoming popular and as is true with market traction for most technologies, we get new acronyms and VSaaS is one such acronym that is clearly gaining traction.  It helps when a market research company projects market size to triple in just 4+ years – recently Transparency Market Research forecasted that the VSaaS market will reach US 48.32 Billion by 2020. ((

The real potential of this delivery model is not just in securely archiving video offsite without risk of losing the recording – this is definitely going to make use of DVRs obsolete. Enter Big Data – most VSaaS vendors are able to use rich analytics tools to grab intelligence e.g. repeat customers in retail, repeat offender look up for after-event forensics, using facial recognition capabilities on the recorded video.

VSaaS is not an isolated trend; it is also driving integration with ACaaS (Access Control as a Service). Facial recognition can be used as a dual authentication feature in secure facilities – validating the card/sensor scan at the door. Motion triggered video scans inside a facility without a complementing door card/sensor scan can trigger a silent alarm event – indicating “break-in” in process while recording and transmitting this offsite.

The value-add use cases are exploding in all verticals – retail, healthcare, public buildings, industrial facilities, business offices, utilities, among others like educational organizations, research facilities etc.  North America is traditionally the largest market for Video Surveillance and transformation to a Cloud based VSaaS is likely to create disruption for traditional onsite video recording software and associated hardware like the DVRs , especially where no analytics capabilities exist.

Rajeev Kak
Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Rajeev Kak has over 20 years' experience in managing global marketing, sales and business development teams with several successes in driving new product introduction, new market development with global marketing launch and marketing programs management experience in large companies as well as start ups. Rajeev is an energetic, digital-savvy marketer with several achievements in product strategy, product marketing, lead generation, pipeline nurturing and inside sales, as well as mobile and social media marketing. Rajeev was recognized as one of Top 50 Most Talented CMOs for 2014 by CMO-Asia publication and World Marketing Congress. Previously, at SAP, Rajeev was one of the founding team members and headed the marketing function for a strategic ecosystem marketplace initiative SAP EcoHub and received the MVP award for leading a very successful global market launch. Besides SAP, Rajeev also held senior management roles at various companies including Adobe Systems and i2 Technologies. Rajeev is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, he has completed MBA (Marketing) from FMS, Delhi University and has a Masters degree in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University.