Free Consultation by Industry Experts

Schedule a 30 minute consultation session by industry experts for free !

Who will offer these sessions?

The free consultancy sessions will be offered by leading industry experts who have over two decades of experience in connected/remote security and surveillance systems.

What to expect?

The free consultancy session will focus on understanding the security and surveillance requirement for your building/facility. We will help you understand the best combinations of cloud based services and hardware. Also, the session will help you plan how you can scale your video surveillance and access control infrastructure in future without any technical and infrastructure changes. Cloudastructure can even take turnkey responsibility of your projects, coordinating with local system integrators and installers to ensure the project is completed on time and under budget.

Who should join this session?

Facility Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents, Maintenance Management, Office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers), University Police Departments, IT Directors and IT Architects involved with Physical Security, Campus Directors or Principals of K-12 Schools.