Protecting Site Assets, Monitoring Progress and Guarding against Theft, Vandalism and Pilferage

Centralized Cloud Access Control

Operational ease in managing access for contractors across multiple sites from your corporate office, home or even on vacation.

Remote Video Surveillance from Any Device

Remote Access to Video Surveillance feed providing 24×7 visibility into your site to secure all assets, data, logs and people, and track construction progress.

Cloud Powered Video Surveillance & Access Control Benefits

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

Triggered video coverage ensures all unauthorized intruder movements send notifications and are securely recorded off site. You can act with purpose and dispatch to ensure law enforcement and security are deployed rapidly.

Monitor Quality, Safety and Productivity

With a single login view of all your sites, monitor the safety and activity of all your workers. Monitor the productivity and materials of your subcontractors. All video is securely stored in the cloud, so you’re assured legal evidence in any matters requiring recourse.

Control Access at Gates and Structures

Customize when authorized workers can enter sites and buildings, including holidays and weekend schedules. Create custom individual access credentials as well as groups of similar profiles.

Accelerate Employee Changes and Additions

When a new employee joins or leaves your workforce, you can easily add, delete, or modify their privileges with a few mouse clicks. If someone fails to show or forgets their key, automatically and remotely unlock/lock gates and structures.

Relocate Cameras and Access Control from Site to Site

When its time to move on, Cloudastructure goes with you. Unlike DVRs, onsite servers and cumbersome hardware systems, Cloudastructure hardware is easily removed and redeployed at your next site.

Get Lifetime Warranty & Continuous Support

You choose who manages your system. Cloudastructure offers an automated full spectrum of support services, including after hours email based monitoring and reporting, along with automatic upgrades and updates for the lifetime of the system.

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Cloudastructure Advantage

Video Monitoring

Monitor all construction sites via cloud video surveillance with in-built motion sensors.

Multi-site Scalability

Define and manage access credentials across sites – configure and scale rapidly.

Surveillance Control

Surveillance video feed accessed at fast download speeds – remotely on your mobile/tablets.

Easy Installation

Ease of installation with high inter-operability and multi-system integration frameworks.

Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications to allow faster response for securing law enforcement, if needed.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on all equipment – with low cost OPEX subscriptions.

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