Whitepaper: Connected Campus Security Solution

Connected campus security solution to facilitate learning in a safe environment.

Why campus security measures are becoming essential?

The institutions of education have the primary responsibility for maintaining a safe environment for the students and the faculty. In today’s times, students are being forced to live and learn in a very vulnerable environment in universities, colleges and even schools.

What to Expect in This Whitepaper?

Why connected campus security measures are becoming essential? How to prevent vandalism? How to utilize remote access credentials? How to main confidentiality of information? How universities, colleges and schools are able to utilize cloud based security/surveillance systems?

Who Should Download?

Facility Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents, Maintenance Management, Office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers), University Police Departments, IT Directors and IT Architects involved with Physical Security, Campus Directors or Principals of K-12 Schools.

Not Able to Decide?


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