Connected Retail Security Solution to reduce shrinkage, enhance staff productivity and ensure better customer services.

Centralized Cloud Access Control

Centralized Access Control for staff across multiple stores with rules based rights and privileges to prevent shrinkage.

Remote Video Surveillance from Any Device

Remote Access to Video Surveillance feed for reducing theft (cash or inventory) and live traffic monitoring with built-in intelligence.

Cloud Powered Video Surveillance & Access Control Benefits

Prevent Thefts and Shoplifting

Cloudastructure domain experts and partners will work with you to deploy high quality cameras at the right places such as POS machines and checkout counters that send real-time video feed to a central location and keep track of the movement of goods. The integrated Access Control system prevents unauthorized staff to enter restricted premises such as your warehouse. Leading retailers across the globe have managed to reduce the shrink percentage significantly using Cloudastructure.

Design Effective Store Layouts

The system provides precise information about customer preferences by tracking their movement within a store. From the time spent in each aisle to the products picked but not put into the shopping cart, the system provides invaluable customer data via integration with heat mapping and dwell time applications. The resultant visibility lets you design more effective store layouts and product displays, increasing your profitability.

Manage Customer Traffic

By keeping a tab on the number of people walking in and out of the retail complex as well as in the parking lots, the system alerts that the in-store staff making them better equipped and more efficient in handling customers. This data can also be further analyzed to devise ways to increase footfalls and reduce queues at checkout counters and enhance the overall customer experience.

Secure Your Store

Since many break-ins occur at night or on holidays, you can automatically receive instant notifications via email and text message anytime a door is forced open or motion is detected after designated hours. In the event of an intrusion or suspicious activity in the area, you can immediately remotely lock down the doors of your store. Run daily, weekly, or monthly reports filtered by door, time, staff member, etc.

Prevent Vandalism and Violence

Hooligans and radical groups find retail stores easy targets for their acts of violence and deliberate mischief. A robust video monitoring system not only deters them from indulging in any such activities but also provides legally acceptable evidence against miscreants.

Stay Connected

Administering the Cloudastructure Connected Retailing Solution doesn’t require access control knowledge, extensive training or support from your IT department. Whether you’re at another location, at the corporate office, or even on the road, Cloudastructure is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere you have internet access.

Scale Your Business

The system is highly scalable and secure, with minimal upfront investment and installation time needed. It is adept at managing security and access controls for a single building as well as for a multi-location, multi-facility infrastructure.

Get Lifetime Warranty & Support

Unlike traditional access control systems, you choose who manages your system. Cloudastructure offers you an automated full spectrum of support services, including after hours e-mail based monitoring and reporting, along with automatic upgrades and updates for the lifetime of the system.

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Cloudastructure Advantage

Video Monitoring

Intelligent video monitoring across the length and breadth of campus with in-built motion sensors.

Multi-location Access Control

Rapid configurability and high scalability in defining and managing the access credentials across multiple buildings.

Surveillance Control

Complete control through surveillance video feed accessed at fast download speeds from a centralized location.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications in case of mishaps to foster timely and tiered-severity based remedial actions.

Easy Installation

Ease of installation with high inter-operability and multi-system integration frameworks.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on all equipment with inbuilt support – with low cost OPEX subscriptions.

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