Cloud based integrated security solution that scales for multi-site locations

Centralized Cloud Access to Substations

Centrally managed access controls for numerous of remote substations and equipment yards.

Remove Video Surveillance from Any Device

Integrated Video Monitoring & Alarms with motion triggered intrusion detection to secure assets as well as utilities substations.

Cloud Powered Video Surveillance & Access Control Benefits

Prevent Thefts and Break-ins

Cloudastructure domain experts and partners will work with you to deploy high quality cameras at the right places that send real-time video feed to a central location and keep track of physical movements. The integrated Access Control system prevents unauthorized staff to enter restricted premises such as your equipment store.

Comply with Regulations (NERC CIP 014​)

Ensure all critical transmission infrastructure including substations and control centers are secured with specific measures to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate and respond to potential physical threats and vulnerabilities.

Prevent Vandalism and Violence

Hooligans and radical groups find utility substaions easy targets for their acts of violence and deliberate mischief. A robust video monitoring system not only deters them from indulging in any such activities but also provides legally acceptable evidence against miscreants.

Remotely Manage Access to Substations

Managing access to substations or other critical assets remotely is easy with a cloud based solution. Cloudastructure Connected Infrastructure allows remote management from any device with a few clicks – helping manage access control for contractors, temporary employees, and update access levels for qualified maintenance and management personnel authorized to access critical infrastructure.

Scale Your Operations

The system is highly scalable and secure, with minimal upfront investment and installation time needed. It is adept at managing security and access controls for a single building as well as for a multi-location, multi-facility infrastructure.

Get Lifetime Warranty & Support

Unlike traditional access control systems, you choose who manages your system. Cloudastructure offers you an automated full spectrum of support services, including after hours e-mail based monitoring and reporting, along with automatic upgrades and updates for the lifetime of the system.

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Cloudastructure Advantage


Perimeter with visible fence detection including video surveillance and motion triggers for intrusion detection integrated into audible alarms/warnings.


Perimeter breach detection through motion detectors, sensors and video analytics as well as early warning detection through proximity sensing. Rule based logic to establish unauthorized entry through doors and openings.


Breach event triggers to cause facility lock down event, which seals all access points.


Real time access to surveillance video with motion triggered date/time stamps to quickly assess threat severity. Breach locations geo-mapped to direct response.


Integrated communication framework for role based alerts, using SMS, emails and central command station interface.


Integrated alarm severity level to initiate appropriate response levels for threat mitigation.

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