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We are happy to bring to you this month’s edition of Cloudasphere. This time we will focus on a very specific aspect of video surveillance on cloud – Data Storage and Transmission. Very often it is seen that people have doubts around the volume and frequency of data being transmitted in a cloud-based centrally managed security system. Too much and you may choke your network’s bandwidth; too little and you may miss out on an important event.

It is however not as complex as it sounds. Read my blog to know how to crack this issue! There is also interesting article that talks about it and also provides a simple solution to it.

Besides, we are continuing our survey on “Access Control in Higher Education”. Do fill in your responses to become eligible for the survey report. As always, we have done a round-up of various articles and news stories around VSaaS and ACaaS.

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Survey: Access Control in Higher Education

Managing access control in and around the campus area can be quite a challenge with the high student/staff turnover. Here’s a survey that attempts to find out how the best practices in this area. Do take out a minute to respond and become eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the survey report.

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Blog: Event-based Transmission – Key to a Smart Video Surveillance System

The biggest points of contention when installing a cloud based video surveillance system remain the storage and transmission of video feed. Here’s an interesting blog that provides simple yet effective ways of tackling this complex issue. Do read and share your views on this.

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Blog: Property Managers - How are you managing Access Control in your buildings?

Property managers face the challenge of providing security across the multi-tenant, highly distributed facilities. What they need is a centralized access control system that lets them manage various tasks and responsibilities on a single unified interface. Read this blog to know how they can make this happen.

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Article: Cloud video surveillance: What makes it hot, and what doesn't

Cloud video surveillance is gaining traction among business and enterprises. Several challenges still exist, the biggest of which is the bandwidth issue. It can be addressed in several ways. Cloud storing only selected video feed is the simplest of them all. Read on to know more on this.

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Article: What's in the cloud for security systems integrators?

Given the latest trend of cloud-based video surveillance solutions, systems integrators (SI) are often forced to rethink their business strategy to move forward. According to Aaron Dale, Video Surveillance Analyst at IHS, when it comes to cloud-based surveillance systems, SIs are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing popularity of recurring-revenue model. Read on.

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Article: Where Do You Fall on the Video Surveillance Learning Curve?

Campus protection pros must understand the latest security camera advances so they make the right decisions for their institutions and districts. The impact of innovation is often overlooked based on the simple fact that it appears to be accelerating. You might want to make the time. Doing so could have positive impact on your bottom line. Read on.