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Cloudastructure January 2016 Newsletter

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Here we are with the second edition of our monthly newsletter called “The Cloudasphere”. Through this we bring to you the latest developments from the ACaaS and VSaaS world along with everything that’s new at Cloudastructure.

With this edition, we would like to announce the launch of our new website – It is our attempt to connect better with the market and express our brand. We welcome your suggestions and inputs to make it even better. We would also like to invite you to a webinar on Cloud Based Access Control Systems scheduled for Dec 15, 2015. You will find more on this as you read on. Finally, we feature some of the recent news stories on VSaaS and AcaaS doing the rounds.

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A Never Before 25% Discount for MDU Property Managers !

As part of our festive season pricing, we are offering our flagship ACaaS and VSaaS products at flat 25% discount to all MDU Property Managers, no conditions asked. All they need to do is use promo code CLOUD9 when they ask for a demo.


Webinar: Cloud Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) – The Future of Physical Security

This webinar focuses on the challenges of managing access control across distributed facilities. The panelists will bring to light why a Cloud Based Centralized Access Control System is the future of physical security.

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Whitepaper: Connected Utilities Physical Security Solution

In 2014 FERC ordered the imposition of mandatory physical security standards (for substations) better known as the NERC CIP-014. One of the key requirements is a documented physical security plan. Here’s a whitepaper that shows how an integrated Cloud Video Surveillance and Access Control System can help.


Whitepaper: Connected Retail Physical Security Solution

Recent surge in online shopping has left the ‘brick and mortar’ retailers with limited plays. That said, these retailers are often found grappling with theft and shrinkage eating into their profits. Here’s a whitepaper that talks about the benefits of an Integrated Cloud based Video Surveillance and Access Control System.


Blog: Beginner’s Guide to ACaaS: Why Cloud based Access Control as a Service is the Future?

Is there a cost effective way to deploy networked access control at multiple remote facilities using a traditional access control system? The simple answer is “No.” So what’s the answer? How about an ACaaS (Access Control as a Service)?


Blog: Secure, Green and Connected – Three Pillars to a Truly Smart Building)

What does a Smart Building mean in today’s times? All the wants of the occupants of Smart Buildings as well as other criteria from an environmental or a scalability perspective can be categorized into the three essential pillars – Secure, Green and Connected.


News: Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) – A Global Strategic Business Report Features Cloudastructure as a major VSaaS player in the market

October 8, 2015: Demand for Affordable & Commoditized Video Surveillance drives Global VSaaS Market, according to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts Inc.

The global market for VSaaS is projected to reach US$ 1.7 billion by 2020, driven by growing demand for affordable video surveillance services.


News: Santa Maria Installs First Public-Safety Video Surveillance Cameras

November 13, 2015: Five pods are in place around the city, with police chief planning to acquire 20 more for law-enforcement and crime-prevention purposes.

The first of several video surveillance system pods, or small containers housing four cameras each, have been installed on light poles around the city, with plans to add more in the coming months, Police Chief Ralph Martin said.