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Cloudastructure January 2016 Newsletter

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Cloud based Video Surveillance and Access Control have come off age in the last few years, as organizations tend to look for smarter systems to manage their physical security needs. Cloudastructure is the only solution provider in the market who offers a cloud based security system enhanced with innovative customized integration with other IoT devices.

In this edition of “Cloudasphere” we are excited to provide you a comprehensive view of our VSaaS and ACaaS offerings through the two product brochures. In addition, we give you a sneak peek into our latest offering that’s going to transform the world of ACaaS - CloudKey. Cloudkey offers a game changing option to use your mobile phone as your access credentials.

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Brochure: Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

The VSaaS market is all set to experience an exponential surge in times ahead. It is imperative you chose the right partner for your business. Here’s a brochure that makes your decision easy by highlighting the key features and benefits of our VSaaS offering.

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Brochure: Access Control as a Service (AcaaS)

A lot has changed in the ACaaS world with smart integrations making the system extremely powerful. You need to be ready for this change. This brochure on Cloudastructure ACaaS highlights the key features and benefits of our offering along with its various industry applications.

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Video: CloudKey – Latest Innovation by Cloudastructure

Cloud Key is latest innovation by Cloudastructure that allows you to use your phone to unlock doors. Built on the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology this smart application triggers unlocks or other actions based on your phone’s location.

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Video: Types of Video Security in Education Sector

The security managers at the education institutes have a lot going on. Video security comes to their aid in many different ways. Here’s a look at the different kinds of application areas supported by the hosted and in-house video security environments.


Blog: Opening Doors with your NFC enabled Phone: Next Generation Physical Access Control

Smartphones are fast becoming the answer to every problem. They are ubiquitous and integrate well any app under the sun. It is no wonder then that they have made their way into the ACaaS world.

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Blog: Can Video Management Software (VMS) Survive without an integrated Access Control System (ACaaS)?

The benefits of cloud-based physical security are quite apparent now. However, an integrated access control and video surveillance brings much more to the table. By coupling real-time video with a cloud-based access control system, remote door access can be easily granted based on visual confirmation.