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Cloudastructure January 2016 Newsletter

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The Cloudasphere is your monthly insight into the world of VSaaS and ACaaS. With this edition we bring to you snippets from our latest webinar on “Access Control as a Service (AcaaS) – The Future of Physical Security”. Besides, you can lay your hands on an interesting blog about why a cloud based physical access control is the best solution if you are managing remote facilities.

Another highlight of this issue is a chance for you to schedule free consultative sessions with domain experts to scale up your physical security infrastructure.

I would personally like to request you to read my latest blog on CVR vs NVR and comment if you agree/disagree with any of the ideas about what's driving innovative companies to adopt the cloud based video surveillance model. Finally, we feature some of the recent news stories on VSaaS and AcaaS that might be of interest to you.

Rick Bentley

Video: Why Cloud is the Future of Physical Security

Cloud has been one of the most pervasive IT disruptions of our time. Here, we take a look at why the physical security systems also need to shift to cloud in the near future. Watch this video to know what’s driving this change.

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Blog: CVR vs NVR

The evolution of video storage devices has been quite a natural progression from VCR to an NVR. In this blog, we take a look at the loopholes of NVR and how cloud based video storage becomes the most logical way forward.


Video: Advantages of Cloudastructure Access Control System

Cloudastructure is a true cloud-based access control system that leverages the cloud infrastructure to deliver various advantages to its customers. Resource optimization, reliability, automated updates and cost flexibility are just to name a few. Watch this video to know how you too can benefit from this amazing system.

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Blog: Why Cloud Based Access Control is Best for Remote Facilities?

Let’s look at a fairly typical scenario for an energy, communications or transportation company – with or without a cloud/web based access control system. You have a large mobile workforce that need access to dozens or even hundreds of small remote facilities and that need to be kept secured.


Offer: Free Consultation with the Experts

As you look to scale up your physical security infrastructure in a bid to make it truly world-class, we are there to help you at every stage. We are offering free consultative sessions with our industry experts who will try to answer all your queries.

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News: Hotel keys go mobile

Hotel operators are continuously finding ways to enhance the overall experience of the guest and a major hassle guests have to go through is the process of checking in at the reception area. This has led to the development of the mobile key technology which is the number one trend right now.