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Cloudastructure July 2016 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I hope you are doing great. We are in final stages of closing out the survey on Access Control in Higher Education. I wanted to thank everyone who has already participated in this best practices survey on Physical Access Control. We plan to share the analysis and report by early-August, 2016. If you have not participated so far, please do fill in your responses to get the final report, as we are about to close this by July 21, 2016. Finally, we do a round-up of top 5 news articles on building automation, IoT, VSaaS and ACaaS.

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition.

Rick Bentley

Survey: Access Control in Higher Education (Final Call)

Managing access control in and around the campus area can be quite a challenge with the high student/staff turnover. Here’s a survey that attempts to find out how the best practices in this area. Do take out a minute to respond and become eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the survey report.

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Blog: 10 Things to Consider before Buying your Access Control System

<>Before you evaluate or buy an Access Control System (ACS), it is critical to have a good understanding of what you need such system to do. You need to consider two key aspects here – (1) What purpose will your door access control system serve? (2) What size of an access control system will your business need?

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Infographic: Top 6 Applications of IoT for Building Automation Solutions

The Safety and Security component of Smart Buildings is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.6 % by 2022. The main drivers for the growth will be government regulations, rising energy costs, and increased awareness of environmental concerns. By 2020, Smart Buildings will have 50 Billion connected devices and 19.5% of the buildings will be Smart.

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Slideshow: How to Enhance Protection of Video Surveillance Systems against Cyber Attacks

IP surveillance systems reside on the local area network and should be considered in any IT policy. And like all network devices, IP video devices may need to be protected just like devices, clients and servers. The majority of surveillance video breaches are due to human error, negligence and misconfigurations. Following are the nine areas of a network surveillance system that are most vulnerable...

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Article: The business landscape through the lens of cloud infrastructure and security

For enterprises looking to remain agile and relevant, the word ‘Cloud’ is no longer a mere buzzword that they throw around frivolously. Any enterprise that is competitive in today’s environment would not be asking ‘Why Cloud’ but would have already tried some flavor of the cloud. The demand for cloud and the maturity in understanding what the cloud offers goes far beyond reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Operations).

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Slideshow: What Cloud Security Challenges keep “CISOs Up at Night”?

The cloud is now a mainstream IT platform. Through its unlimited economies of scale and its ability to deliver IT resources dynamically whenever users need them, the cloud’s popularity permeates through businesses of all sizes and industries. While they enjoy cloud benefits, many in IT still feel challenged to fully secure the new platform. There might be one or more cloud services linking to your corporate and partner network, all being accessed by both mobile and traditional users.