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Cloudastructure January 2016 Newsletter

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We are back with the latest issue of Cloudasphere – your monthly dossier on VSaaS and ACaaS.

This time we showcase the evolution of access control and video surveillance technologies via 2 interesting infographics. We are also launching our latest survey to better understand the usage of different technologies for managing physical access controls in K-12 Schools, Universities and College Campuses.

It's a request to all my friends and business associates from the education industry to please make time to fill out this simple 3 minute survey. We intend to share the survey report with all respondents, helping you get a sneak peek into what your peers are doing to manage their physical access control systems.

Besides, there are interesting blogs for you to read and a roundup of the latest news articles on VSaaS and ACaaS.

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of Cloudasphere. Do write back to us at

Rick Bentley
Cloudastructure Inc

Survey: Access Control in Higher Education

Managing access control in and around the campus area can be quite a challenge with the high student/staff turnover. Here’s a survey that attempts to find out how the best practices in this area. Do take out a minute to respond and become eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the survey report.

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Infographic: Evolution of ACaaS and VSaaS

Access Control and Video Surveillance technologies have come a long way from the bulky in-house camera systems and card/key access control to cloud hosted security infrastructure. Here are 2 interesting infographics that capture this journey and highlight the drivers behind this transformation.

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Blog: Mobile Physical Access Control – New Approach for Opening Doors

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous impacting all walks of life. Now, mobile apps are being developed to replace access cards and manage credentials much more securely than what was possible with physical cards. In this blog, we explore various aspects of managing access credentials via smartphones.

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Blog: Connected Access Control and Video Surveillance System - The Key to 360 Degree Physical Security!

The synergy between access control and video surveillance technologies is well understood and leveraged in many different ways. In this blog, we take a closer look at the various business benefits of an integrated access control and video surveillance system.

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News: Why (And How) To Merge Physical And Cyber Security At Your Company

At most companies, cyber security and physical security live in silos, with separate systems managed by separate teams. Unfortunately, this outdated approach no longer works. To keep your most important information and assets safe, one unified system should lock all your doors.

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News: Outlook on Video Surveillance In Education

Today’s higher education institutions face some tough challenges as their campuses grow, student bodies flourish, and expanding facilities become harder to protect from the inherent risks of open environments. The use of video footage to offer another perspective on investigations and security is gaining ground.