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Cloudastructure May 2016 Newsletter

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This time we bring to you our recent blog on “10 things to consider while buying an Access Control System (ACS)”. It is our perspective of what a customer must keep in mind before taking this all important decision. We continue to gather your feedback on the survey we rolled out some time back on “Access Control in Higher Education”. Please do fill in your responses to get the final report, as we are about to close this in the next few days.

There is also an interesting video on the best practices around ACaaS implementations. Do watch it and let us know your thoughts on it. Finally, we do a round-up of all the news doing the circles in the VSaaS and ACaaS space.

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition.

Do write to us with any feedback/suggestions.

Rick Bentley

Survey: Access Control in Higher Education

Managing access control in and around the campus area can be quite a challenge with the high student/staff turnover. Here’s a survey that attempts to find out how the best practices in this area. Do take out a minute to respond and become eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the survey report.

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Blog: 10 Things to Consider before buying an Access Control System (ACS)

Access Control Systems of today can be highly customized to meet your specific business needs. Read this blog to be fully prepared before buying an ACS. Know what features and functionality it must have to support your business requirements.

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News: Integrators Should Act Now to Profit from the Cloud?

In almost every aspect of our personal lives, cloud-based services such as email, social media and entertainment have become widely accepted. While the physical security industry traditionally takes a more cautious approach, emerging technologies Video Surveillance-as- a-Service (VSaaS), Access Control- as-a- Service (ACaaS), will one day permeate the industry.

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Video: Best Practices in Access Control Implementation

A successful Access Control implementation requires a true partnership between IT, Management and Real Estate stakeholders. In today’s real estate market there are fewer maintenance resources wearing multiple hats. A cloud based solution limits hardware requirements and utilizes deployable resources.

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News: The rise of subscription-based security services

The benefits of subscription-based security services for both end users and systems integrators are numerous. End users no longer have to make a substantial investment on the front-end for their video or access control management system, while integrators are spared the cost of rolling trucks to perform system updates.

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News: Finding the Right Prescription for Secure Healthcare Access Control

Healthcare and hospital security and safety professionals have numerous safety and security challenges. On the technology side, healthcare security has come a long way with a lot of different products and systems aimed at security and safety.