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Cloudastructure November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

We are back and this time we focus on our latest offering SmartKey - the smartest way to unlock doors from your smartphone. Mobility has brought sweeping changes across all aspects of business. And now it’s changing the way organizations manage their physical security. SmartKey is the mobile-based physical access control solution from Cloudastructure that allows you to use your smartphone as an access credential. Read on to know more.

Also, we bring to you a fresh perspective on why cloud based video surveillance and access control systems are far more effective than the traditional systems through a simple video. Besides the obvious benefits of cost and ease of installation, the cloud-based systems also ensure complete data security and confidentiality. Please do watch the video and share your thoughts as comments.

An insightful blog from our CMO talks about the 5 best practices to secure smart buildings. A must read for all property managers. Lastly, we roundup all the latest news on VSaaS and ACaaS. The market for the two technologies is definitely growing with increasing acceptance from all corners. Do read the articles and write to us with your suggestions/thoughts on how to better serve you.

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of Cloudasphere.

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Rick Bentley

Video: Cloudastructure VSaaS and ACaaS Physical Security Infrastructure Solution

Our recently released video talks about the challenges of an on-premise physical security infrastructure and how cloud based physical security solutions can help overcome these challenges. It particularly highlights the physical vulnerability of NVRs and its need to create a hole in the firewall which compromises the sanctity of the highly confidential video footage.

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Brochure: Continuously Innovating to Enhance Customer Security

The brochure showcases our leading-edge technology for cloud controlled infrastructure through which we deliver an integrated physical security solution. Amidst our recent product innovations, SmartKey – our mobile-based access control solution is the most business-centric and value driven app. Read on to know more.

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Blog: Mobile Physical Access Control: A new Approach for Opening Doors

Physical Access Control technology has begun moving into the cloud over the last 2-3 years, which has revolutionized backend facility management operations and maintenance. Now it’s time to adapt the front end to this reality, where Mobility is taking over – replacing access cards and employee badges with your smart phone.

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Blog: Top 5 Things to Secure your Smart Buildings

Building owners in United States on an average spend $1.50 per square foot to secure their buildings. In some recent interviews with Building Owners and Managers, conducted by the Cloudastructure team - we were able to isolate 5 key initiatives that are a must do best practices to secure your buildings.

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News: SSI Summit Shares Best Managed Services Practices

The roundtable on “Best Practices in Video and Access Control as a Service” talked about the three key aspects of VSaaS and ACaaS business including sales, vertical markets and marketing. The panellists provided some interesting insights on all three topics.

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News: VSaaS Continues Upward Trajectory; End-User Awareness Poses Biggest Obstacle

IHS Markit estimates the world market for branded video surveillance as a service was worth $790 billion in 2015, a 13.8% increase from 2014. Technical barriers to penetration of VSaaS have reportedly decreased markedly in recent years.

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