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Cloudastructure October 2016 Newsletter

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This month we bring to you a simple yet effective video on the benefits of installing a cloud-based physical security solution. Besides the obvious benefits of cost and ease of installation, it also ensures complete data security and confidentiality. Please do watch the video and share your thoughts as comments. An informative blog on network planning for IP cameras will help you build an intelligent and efficient security camera design architecture.

We also do a roundup of all the latest news on VSaaS, ACaaS and IoT. The market sentiment seems to be extremely positive towards the two emerging technologies and it is the right time to invest in them. Do read the articles and write to us with your suggestions/thoughts on how to better serve you.

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Video: Cloudastructure VSaaS and ACaaS Physical Security Infrastructure Solution

Our recently released video talks about the challenges of an on-premise physical security infrastructure and how cloud based physical security solutions can help overcome these challenges. It particularly highlights the physical vulnerability of NVRs and its need to create a hole in the firewall which compromises the sanctity of the highly confidential video footage.

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Blog: Intelligent Network Planning for IP Cameras

Many things can affect the data and bandwidth required to move/record/store video surveillance data. Virtually all systems use event based recording to optimize the bandwidth usage. At Cloudastructure, the first cloud-based video surveillance company in the world, we coined Event Based TransmissionTM. The savings on upload broadband are immense.

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IHS: End-user education remains the biggest challenge for VSaaS offerings

VSaaS is still emerging as a technology, and as such the benefits of VSaaS solutions are still being communicated to the video surveillance industry. Lack of knowledge may result in customers misunderstanding not only what VSaaS is, but also its value compared to other solutions.

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News: Cloud-based surveillance spearheads growth in security as a service

The global market for security as a service is set to grow from $921 million in 2016 to $1.49 billion by 2020, according to a new report. VSaaS hasn't yet shown a rapid growth but it has been proven to have both functional [and] financial advantages compared to traditional systems. In the coming years, we expect to see growth for VSaaS in the SME and SOHO markets.

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News: Internet of Things poised to transform cities

Local, state and federal government officials agree that smart cities initiatives, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), will deliver cost and operational efficiencies. The internet of things (IoT) is set to transform municipal life, according to government officials surveyed by the nonprofit trade association Computing Industry Trade Association (CompTIA).

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News: Doubling down on digital transformation: Big Data, strategy and the IoT.

The Internet of Things, (IoT) isn’t new at all, but rather is the popular topic du jour, which sounds far sexier than Big Data, and proves that, truly, size doesn’t matter. If you’ve been alive long enough to avoid being carded, you already know we’ve had sensors and connected devices for several decades.

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