Join the Cloudastructure Partner Ecosystem

Cloudastructure Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program

Cloudastructure, Inc actively seeks MSP partners, who are interested in delivering exceptional value to their customers. With Cloudastructure MSPs are not just operating as box installers, but have a very holistic role in configuring custom solutions that are optimized for the customer environment, while extracting maximum value from the integrated portfolio of solution offered by Cloudastructure.

Cloudastructure partnering philosophy is to leverage the synergies of leading edge technology infrastructure from Cloudastructure and your investment in customer relationship as well as solid understanding of customer environment and how to drive value for them. MSP partners are also supported with referrals and leads from market development initiatives.

Become a Cloudastructure Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Higher Profit Margins

Lower hardware costs and better margins by making use of modern, IP-based data. Stable cash flow through recurring revenue. Lower, predictable monthly expenses to clients.

Larger Market Share

Competitive advantage in winning new business. Access to new/under-served markets. Less labor required during installation than traditional models. No equipment needed (no PC or software).

Earn Customer Loyalty

Provide end-users with a total solution: not just the hardware, but an ongoing, lifetime service. Ability to monitor and upgrade clients’ systems remotely. Higher customer retention and loyalty through improved quality and technical support.