Offer for OEMs: Want to Get Your Own Cloud Security Platform?

Talk to a Cloudastructure expert about how hosting your own platform can help your bottom line

Launch your own Cloud security platform

If you’re an OEM/ODM or larger Re-seller you may be giving some thought to running your own cloud video or cloud access control platform. Cloudastructure now has a way for you to jump right into the business and start making your own Recurring Monthly Revenue.

Brand it with your White Label

Many resellers like to brand their products and Cloudastructure can make that happen. The Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) and Cloud Door Controller (CDC) can be labeled with your logo or nameplate. The software user interface can be labeled with your company name, logo, or branding information while a dedicated URL can be set up for customer log-in.


Organizations that want to host their own cloud solution can sign up for the Cloudastructure NOC-In-The-Box. You provide the data center and we will come to your site to load the code, provision, and test the system. As your business grows with sales of cameras, CVR’s, and door controllers we will continue to monitor the health and performance of your NOC.

Not Able to Decide?


Schedule Free ConsultancySchedule a 30 minutes Free Consultation with Cloudastructure Industry Experts to secure your building. The session will focus around understanding the security and surveillance requirement at your building/facility. We will help you understand what should be the best combination of cloud based services and hardware.


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