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Cloud Video Recorder (CVR)

Everything you need to get up and running with video surveillance solution. Just add Cloud Video Service with Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) and there are no servers, operating systems or software to buy or support. Simply mount the cameras where you want them, connect with ethernet and power supply. Rest, we’ll set everything up remotely.

Cloud Door Controller (CDC)

For Cloud based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), the onsite footprint for each access point (door) that needs to be managed includes one Cloudastructure Cloud Door Controller (CDC) to be installed in addition to other hardware door components such as Card Readers, Strike Plates, Door Switch, REX etc.

Custom IoT Gateway

For Cloud based Custom IoT Solutions, the core onsite footprint includes a hardware hub called Cloudastructure IoT Gateway, which can interface with 8 input supervised and unsupervised devices as well as integrate with 5 configurable output devices to create a seamless Inter-network of Things (IoT).

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