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10 Things about Access Control System you Need to Consider Before Buying. From purpose to size – all you need to know.

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See how easy it is to manage credentials for door access across buildings and campuses in multiple locations.

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How Does Cloudastructure Cloud Based Video Surveillance & Access Control Work?

Cloudastructure delivers cloud-based infrastructure to provide Integrated Building Automation Solutions for Video Monitoring and Cloud Video Surveillance, Cloud Door Access Control, as well as integration with sensors to support your specific Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

The Cloudastructure solution delivers the intelligence onsite while keeping your data safely offsite. Cloudastructure hardware utilizes state of art technology, delivered at a very competitive price that beats the industry standards and comes with zero maintenance or replacement costs through our life-time warranty. The Cloudastructure solution centralizes the management of access control with video monitoring and allows customers to scale geographically across multiple locations.

Cloudastructure can support your installation efforts, helping you get in touch with local installation partners or take turnkey responsibility for delivering the solution seamlessly. The service and support is provided for a small monthly subscription requiring no upfront licensing costs or capital budgets.

How Does Cloud Door Controller (CDC) Work
How Does Cloud Door Controller (CDC) Work

How does Cloud Door Controller (CDC) Work?

The primary function of the Cloud Door Controller Software is to provide an interface between the Cloudastructure Service and the access control devices at the door.

Cloud Door Controller is designed as single-door access control panel that communicate with a hosted central server over the Internet. While on a LAN connected to the internet, the Cloud Door Controller only requires outbound Internet Access.

Cloud Door Controller has been designed to control a single door by using card, PIN or biometric readers. In addition, each Cloud Door Controller (CDC) has 8 inputs and 5 outputs, all of which are fully configurable from any web browser.

Multifactor Authentication

Cloudastructure’s new Multifactor Authentication allows you to use your smartphone as your credential, Or your face, Or your card, Or any combination of those – Or all three.

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Computer Vision

Cloudastructure CDC automatically analyzes the face of everyone who badges in, to see if it matches their face on file. You can set it to deny access if the face and badge don’t match, or just notify your GSOC and/or badge holder.

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No Tailgating

Tailgaters can be automatically detected and automatically e-mailed, with a copy of the video clip of them letting in a tailgater. Watch compliance change dramatically as all your badgeholders swipe in every time.

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Features of Cloud Door Controller (CDC)


Compatible with all types of card readers using a Wiegand format.

Credentials & Schedules

Cloudastructure Door Controller Software stores up to: 60,000+ fingerprint templates or 200,000+ cards/PIN codes. In addition, it stores up to 10,000+ schedules, including holiday schedules.

Credential Updates

Regularly communicates with the Cloudastructure Service to update its database of templates, permissions and schedules. CDC stores and reports every event that occurs at the door, creating an audit trail of everyone who attempts to gain access to the door.

Back Ups for Emergency

Designed to allow storage of all templates, permissions and schedules and events locally; in case of network failure the door still functions and keeps an uninterrupted log of events. Built-in Battery Storage to Operate in case of Power Failures.

Inputs & Outputs

8 INPUTS: 5 supervised analog and digital inputs and 3 unsupervised inputs compatible for REX devices and pressure, flood and temperature sensors.
5 OUTPUTS: electric locks, buzzers, lights and alarms to signal conditions at the door, and any other switchable device or appliance.

Secure communications

All communications between the Cloudastructure Service and Cloud Door Controller are protected by 256-bit AES encryption, approved by NSA for “TOP SECRET” communications.

Cloudastructure Introduces Industry’s First Rack-Mount Access Control Solution
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Technical Specifications

24VAC, 40VA UL-approved Class 2 transformer

UL listed 12VDC, 4Ah or 7Ah, sealed acid/lead backup battery (to be supplied by installer)

12VDC power for the combined power usage of all attached devices is not to exceed 1.5 Amps.

– 5 supervised inputs
– 3 unsupervised inputs
– 5 Configurable 12VDC Outputs wired to – 5 single pole, double throw, 10A, 12V relays

Supports Wiegand, RS232, RS422, and RS485 devices

TCP/IP, 256-bit AES encrypted

– Height: 12” (30.48 cm)
– Width: 12” (30.48 cm)
– Depth: 4” (10.16 cm)
– Material: 19-gauge cold-rolled steel

– Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)
– Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

FCC Part 15, Subpart B – Unintentional Radiators, UL 294

Cloud Door Controller (CDC) Pricing

One Time Investment. Returns for Lifetime!

CDC Board: $349/Door

Bare board. Multiple bare boards can be placed in a single enclosure for higher density installations (e.g. control four doors from a single enclosure for $1396).

CDC With Battery Back-up: $699/Door

Comes complete in wall mountable steel enclosure, relay board and relays. Includes two backup batteries (CMOS and main) and 24VAC power supply.

Ships with all necessary software pre-installed.
Warranted for the life of the service.
Works best with Cloudastructure Acess Control As A Service.

Installation and Maintenance

Legacy systems mount their access control panels on the wall, run all the cables for the reader/strike/sensor/REX/etc. across the building, screw each of them one at a time to screw terminals. Look at all those cables, did one break here, or in the ceiling somewhere … how do you support this? Oh, and what’s the runtime of that battery at the bottom?

Cloudastructure’s new Edge Cloud Door Controller is connected to the Cloud via Ethernet and powered by your PoE switches. This is the industry’s first true Rack Mount solution for access control. Easy to support and maintain. Add a UPS to the bottom of your rack for known runtime of your doors.

Installing a Cloud Door Controller is intuitive and very similar to any other access control panel, making it perfect for new sites and retrofits. Since there is no server or software to install, on-site installation time and labor expenses are greatly reduced. All Cloud Door Controller programming and account setup can be performed remotely by logging into the Cloudastructure Service. Configuration templates can be created, saved, and assigned in minutes – freeing up the installation team to finish more projects in less time. Since Cloud Door Controller use TCP/IP communications, they can be networked by connecting to the nearest network hub. If using a WiFi bridge, no network cabling is required at all. In addition, there is no on-site server or software to install, reducing labor costs during installation and lowering the total cost of system ownership.

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