• Cloudastructure SmartKey

    Smartest Way to Unlock Doors from your Smartphone

  • Cloudastructure SmartKey

    Experience the Next-Gen Mobile-Based Physical Access Control

  • Cloudastructure SmartKey

    Your Mobile Key to Total Physical Security for Smart Buildings

Mobile technology has brought sweeping changes across various aspects of business. Physical Access Control is no different.
SmartKey is the Mobile based Physical Access Control solution from Cloudastructure.

Perspective: How about a SmartKey on your mobile to open doors

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Perspective: The Credential for Unlocking Doors Moves to your Smartphone

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Remote Accessibility

With SmartKey on your mobile, you can grant your field / temporary staff access from anywhere-anytime, without having to issue separate cards or keys each time. This makes your life simpler, especially if you are taking care of a highly distributed infrastructure with multiple locations or sites to manage. Technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth are yet to crack this.

Faster Configurability

In case of high staff turnover or a dynamic workforce you tend to face numerous configuration and re-keying hassles while managing access rights. This saves valuable time and resources that can be deployed elsewhere. SmartKey frees you from all these issues through its app-based, centrally managed system that allows you to make changes to an individual’s access rights real-time over the internet.

Cost-effective and Convenient

Mobile based access control is the most cost-effective way of managing the physical security of your premise. You don’t need to spend anything extra on hardware (card readers, biometric sensors etc.) or resources (IT staff, maintenance staff etc.) to keep the system running. A simple mobile app and a Cloud Door Controller (CDC) is all it takes to have total physical security.

Secure and Reliable

Lost cards/keys and identity theft are a common phenomenon in organizations that work with traditional access control systems. Sometimes, these systems also give way to intentional impersonation that can have serious consequences. SmartKey sits on an individual’s mobile phone with a provision to add layers of validation checks leaving very little room for any kind of unauthorized access – intentional or non-intentional.

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