Quick-Start Guide: Cloudastructure SmartKey Mobile Access Control Solution

SmartKey Mobile Access - Open Doors with your Smartphone. Get Started!

Why Mobile Access Control is the Future?

The industry sectors with high levels of employee turnover or in sectors where temporary users abound or where contractors are an essential part of the workforce – the costs and latency in managing access credentials is a big drain on the facilities team. Even for companies using access cards for their electronically controlled doors – it is a tedious and costly process to enable new access credentials; not to mention the the cost of re-keying and changing locks whenever an employee leaves the company. Find out how we can move your “Key” to your dedicated “SmartKey” on your Smartphone.

What to Expect in This Guide?

Why SmartKey Mobile Access Control is possible only on a cloud controlled infrastructure? How to transform your Access Control Systems by simply connecting your current door-access infrastructure with Cloudastructure Cloud Door Controller (CDC)? How to setup the SmartKey on your mobile Smartphone? How to utilize your access credentials to operate remotely – open doors for contractors or vendors?

Who Should Download?

Facility Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents, Maintenance Management, Office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers), University Police Departments, IT Directors and IT Architects involved with Physical Security, Campus Security Managers, Property Managers, Managers of Temporary/Shared Office Space, Managers using Temporary Workers or Contractors.