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Learn what it means to upgrade your Access Control Systems with Cloud-based Door Controllers

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See how easy it is to manage credentials for door access across buildings and campuses in multiple locations.

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Multi-Location Access Control

Install an ACaaS Door Controller – Connect, Secure and Scale with single building access control system for multiple locations.

Rapid Configuration

Change Users and their Access Credentials with a click for all buildings – no expensive re-keying or setups required.

How Does Cloudastructure Cloud Based Video Surveillance & Access Control Work?

Cloudastructure delivers cloud-based infrastructure to provide Integrated Building Automation Solutions for Video Monitoring and Cloud Video Surveillance, Cloud Door Access Control, as well as integration with sensors to support your specific Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

The Cloudastructure solution delivers the intelligence onsite while keeping your data safely offsite. Cloudastructure hardware utilizes state of art technology, delivered at a very competitive price that beats the industry standards and comes with zero maintenance or replacement costs through our life-time warranty. The Cloudastructure solution centralizes the management of access control with video monitoring and allows customers to scale geographically across multiple locations.

Cloudastructure can support your installation efforts, helping you get in touch with local installation partners or take turnkey responsibility for delivering the solution seamlessly. The service and support is provided for a small monthly subscription requiring no upfront licensing costs or capital budgets.

How Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) can help you?

Remote Management

Cloud based Building Access Control System utilizes standard internet communications protocols and can leverage existing WiFi or Ethernet infrastructure of the facility. Uses a web browser (zero installation) to manage access or unlock doors remotely anywhere (globally) from any mobile device.

Data Security

Cloud solution hosted in high-security data center with guarded server facilities, closely monitored using video surveillance, alarms, redundant power feeds to ensure continuous operation during power failure. The facilities utilize state of art fire suppression and laser smoke detection systems.


Built on an open-source platform that is massively scalable. At the smallest scale – it can be designed to managed one door opening at single location or grow into a hundreds of locations and thousands of doors – delivering a true globally distributed multi-location access control system.

Secure Communications

All communications from the Cloudastructure Campus Access Control System Server are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and through use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides end-point authentication and communication privacy – preventing eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery.

Real-time Control

When access credentials are presented at the door, the onsite CDC (Cloud Door Controller) authenticates locally and allows access. Each event at every access point triggers a communication to report to the Cloudastructure Server – allowing ability to monitor all facilities in real time.

No Capital Budget Required

With a monthly or annual subscription pricing model for the Cloud based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), no capital investments are required. Cost of getting started is minimal with no lock-in contracts.

Brochure: Access Control As A Service (ACaaS)

How Does Access Control As A Service (ACaaS) Work?

How Does Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) Work as Building Access Control System and Campus Access Control System
How Does Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) Work

Pricing Plans for Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

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Monthly Plan
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Annual Plan
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Cloud Door Controller (CDC) Pricing

One Time Investment. Returns for Lifetime!

CDC Board: $349/Door

Bare board. Multiple bare boards can be placed in a single enclosure for higher density installations (e.g. control four doors from a single enclosure for $1396).

CDC With Battery Back-up: $699/Door

Comes complete in wall mountable steel enclosure, relay board and relays. Includes two backup batteries (CMOS and main) and 24VAC power supply.

Ships with all necessary software pre-installed.
Warranted for the life of the service.

Webinar: Cloud based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
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Cloudastructure Advantage

Intuitive User Experience

The Cloudastructure Cloud Access Control System is designed with a responsive web-based browser interface that allows operation from anywhere any-device. The intuitive interface ensures zero learning curve for managing and rapidly configuring users and their access credentials with just a few clicks.

Cost Effective with Lowest TCO

Cloudastructure delivers the lowest cost solution in the industry delivering enterprise strength access control system (ACS). After the initial installation, there are virtually no additional or hidden costs typically associated with traditional onsite deployments such as ACS and security software licenses, and hardware upgrades.

Robust with High Availability

Designed for fault-tolerant operation. Even if network fails, each access point continues to operate and all access events are recorded by the Cloud Door Controller’s local database and uploaded to Cloudastructure server once network connectivity is restored. Cloudastructure uses redundant servers, ensures daily backup and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Customize for IoT Integration

Connect your doors to your cameras and alarms to generate rule based intelligent alerts such as in case door is ajar after 11 pm or motion sensed inside room without the associated authenticated scan on the entry reader. Integrate with your music system to play favorite songs, switch on lights or adjust thermostat to preferred temperature – all triggered by the entry scan of a specific user.

Easy to Install

Cloudastructure is a cloud based solution requiring no installation of hardware or software – and no IT dependency to configure a server or backup your access control database. All equipment is delivered pre-configured and only installation needed is to connect CDC to internet utilizing existing WiFi or Ethernet.

Zero Maintenance

Unlike a traditional access control system, all equipment including CDC is provided with life-time replacement warranty. Access Control Software updates are delivered directly from the Cloudastructure. Unlike traditional onsite access control, no software licenses need to be renewed or hardware to be upgraded; delivering lowest cost of ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions about Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

Which web browsers are supported by Cloudatructure Systems?

Cloudastructure campus access control system works with all popular browsers.

What readers are supported by Cloudastructure?

Cloudastructure can support any reader that outputs the Wiegand format. For a complete list of supported readers, download the Supported Reader List from the Reach Toolkits.

What happens when my network is down?

When a Cloudastructure Campus Access Control System loses communication with Cloudastructure, it will continue to function as it had before. Since all the programming is stored locally at the Controller, you will not see any difference in functionality at the door. Any changes that are made to the programming will not be downloaded to the Controller until communication is restored. Once communication is restored, all events that have occurred while the Controller was offline will be uploaded to the Cloudastructure System.

How do I change the Controller to work with a static IP Address?

The Controller is defaulted to DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.) If the network you are installing the Controller on does not support DHCP a static IP Address will need to be assigned to it.

To configure the Controller to use a static IP Address, you will need a null modem cable. If the computer you are using does
not have a serial port, you will also need a USB to serial adapter. The instructions for assigning a static IP Address to an IP Controller can be found in Appendix B in the Engineering Reference which can be downloaded from the Reach Toolkits.

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Who offers this free demo?

The free demo will be offered by leading industry experts who have over two decades of experience in connected/remote security and video surveillance systems. We will understand your requirement and provide you with right set of tools to plan your security system.

What to Expect in this demo?

The free demo will focus around understanding the security and surveillance requirement at your building/facility. We will help you understand what should be the best combination of cloud based services and hardware. Also, the session will help you plan how you can scale your video surveillance and access control infrastructure in future without any technical and infrastructure changes.

Who should join this demo?

Facility Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents, Maintenance Management, Office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers), University Police Departments, IT Directors and IT Architects involved with Physical Security, Campus Directors or Principals of K-12 Schools.