Internet Of Things (IoT)

Integrate Doors, Cameras, Alarms & Sensors for Secured and Connected Buildings

Network of All Connected Things

Cloudastructure’s Internet of Things (IoT) Technology connects all your devices such as Doors, Alarms, Motion Sensors and Video Cameras into one single connected network.

Communicate Across Devices

Doesn’t matter whether it is analog or digital – all dry contact I/Os are connected to Cloud IoT Controller Gateway which can intelligently utilize rules and algorithms to communicate with another device.

Are you ready for your next Connected Internet of Things (IoT) Solution?

Cloudastructure can custom-develop and deliver a connected infrastructure that can integrate not just your doors, alarms, motion sensors or video surveillance cameras, it can leverage dry contact I/Os built into its Cloud IoT Controller Gateway which can connect any other device – analog or digital to your IoT infrastructure.

Connected Alarms

Instead of handing out alarm codes which are easily forgotten, Cloudastructure can program your access cards/badges so that you can disarm the alarm with a single swipe and arms it back on with a double swipe. The Cloudastructure Internet of Things Controller can use any alarm monitoring company you like or have the alarm contact you directly in case of a perimeter breach. Camera’s begin recording and give you a live view of your facility to determine remedial action needed. Due to several false alarms, police in certain areas does not respond unless there is confirmation by associated video surveillance verification. Create multiple viewer ids and assign to police and other security jurisdictions for your facility to allow them directly view the facility upon alarm notification, while you are inaccessible.

Connected Door Bells

Door bell rings! Your PTZ Camera (Pan Tilt Zoom) pops up on your tablet for you to verify the credentials of the contractor or maintenance crew for some work in your remote office, warehouse, substations in the smart grid or cell-towers in your telecommunications network. Or it just happens to be the weekend Fedex delivery with the the part shipment that your production is on hold for. Cloudastructure IoT solutions team can deliver a solution that allows use of a simple button on your video feed in the browser to allow open the door and let them in – no need to drive up to the remote facility and open doors or issue duplicate keys/cards to allow them access. Monitor progress till the work gets completed and its time for them to leave.

Connected Temperature Sensors

Server Room too hot? Basement too cold? Cloudastructure can develop a custom solution to not only connect your temperature monitors and send you notifications based on predefined rules, we can also setup automated remedial actions when it happens. Connect your water pipe temperature monitors in the basement and ensure that the heating tape is switched on before your pipes freeze. Monitor and analyse temperatures before the refrigeration unit failed or send an alert if the the refrigeration unit door is left open for over 2 minutes.

Connected Water-Level Sensors

Monitor level in your liquid tanks and automatically turn the pumps on if the liquid/water level drops below the low water mark. Automatically shut off the pumps when the liquid/water level reaches the high water mark. Send an alert if the high water mark is reached and the pump is still running. Integrate with pH monitors and monitor acidity levels in the sewage or chemical tanks.

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Intuitive User Experience

The Cloudastructure Cloud Access Control System is designed with a responsive web-based browser interface that allows operation from anywhere any-device. The intuitive interface ensures zero learning curve for managing and rapidly configuring users and their access credentials with just a few clicks.

Cost Effective with Lowest TCO

Cloudastructure delivers the lowest cost solution in the industry delivering enterprise strength access control system (ACS). After the initial installation, there are virtually no additional or hidden costs typically associated with traditional onsite deployments such as ACS and security software licenses, and hardware upgrades.

Robust with High Availability

Designed for fault-tolerant operation. Even if network fails, each access point continues to operate and all access events are recorded by the Cloud Door Controller’s local database and uploaded to Cloudastructure server once network connectivity is restored. Cloudastructure uses redundant servers, ensures daily backup and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Customize for IoT Integration

Connect your doors to your cameras and alarms to generate rule based intelligent alerts such as in case door is ajar after 11 pm or motion sensed inside room without the associated authenticated scan on the entry reader. Integrate with your music system to play favorite songs, switch on lights or adjust thermostat to preferred temperature – all triggered by the entry scan of a specific user.

Easy to Install

Cloudastructure is a cloud based solution requiring no installation of hardware or software – and no IT dependency to configure a server or backup your access control database. All equipment is delivered pre-configured and only installation needed is to connect CDC to internet utilizing existing WiFi or Ethernet.

Zero Maintenance

Unlike a traditional access control system, all equipment including CDC is provided with life-time replacement warranty. Software updates are delivered directly from the Cloudastructure. Unlike traditional onsite access control, no software licenses need to be renewed or hardware to be upgraded; delivering lowest cost of ownership.

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