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Key Advantages of Camera Surveillance System by Cloudastructure

View Video from Anywhere at Anytime

Recorded and live video feeds are securely stored and accessed in the Cloud through a browser, so you can monitor and review 24/7 from any device. You have full control and visibility of your entire physical footprint and easy access to time-stamped video recorded by Cloudastructure camera surveillance system.

Rapid Deployment

Cloudastructure camera surveillance system does not require the on-premise hardware and software of traditional DVR or NVR systems, so scaling to new access points and buildings or campus is done by simply adding locations and cameras as needed. Save time and money while securing your sites.

How does camera surveillance system work?
How does camera surveillance system work?

How does camera surveillance system by Cloudastructure work?

The primary function of the Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) is to provide an interface between the Cloudastructure Service and camera that you may have set-up for video surveillance system.

camera surveillance system is the next step in the VCR -> DVR -> NVR chain. It Replaces all DVRs/NVRs, servers, storage arrays, backup tapes, software, operating systems, and any required IT support. It routes all video surveillance feed from your local cameras to Cloudastructure server where it is recorded, stored, archived and made available to you on any device from any location, as long as you are connected to the internet.

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Features of Cloudastructure Camera Surveillance System

No Software

Fully web-based camera surveillance system and camera management. No Software required.

No Hardware

Built on robust cloud platform. No hardware needed to store and preserve video data.

Safe & Secure

Video content is delivered via secured protocol. All video feeds are protected with access controlled accounts.

Fully Scalable

Expand across multiple facilities. Add new sites under coverage just by few clicks of buttons.

24x7 Available

Access video feed across any device at any time. Even on off-duty hours and holidays !

Most Economical

Spend less for more. Cloud based video surveillance enables you to expand while reducing cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About camera surveillance system

What cameras work with Cloudastructure camera surveillance system?

Cloudastructure camera surveillance system works with all popular network cameras. Network cameras from Axis©, Panasonic©, and Sony© are fully supported, many more work as well, and more are being added all the time.

Where can I get cameras to go with my Cloudastructure camera surveillance system account?

rom Cloudastructure we can sell you the cameras. Any cameras bought from Cloudastructure will be sold at MSRP and will be shipped to you pre-configured (configured for your network, etc.) for your installation. Your Cloudastructure camera surveillance system account is configured as part of this set up.

Do I need to know how to configure the cameras or the Cloudastructure Video Appliance?

You do not need to configure anything. At the time of your account activation, a Cloudsastructure representative will work with you over the phone to make sure your networking gear is properly configured and the Cloudastructure Video Appliance will ship pre-configured to work at your location.

What if I lose my broadband connection, will my files be lost?

No. The Cloudastructure Video Appliance will store your files until the broadband connection returns. The Cloudastructure camera surveillance system takes care of uploading the files from local storage once internet is online.

What about this Cloudastructure Video Appliance, will I need to support another device?

Unlike a traditional DVR or NVR, the Clousastructure Video Appliance is a box with no mouse or keyboard. It is maintained completely by Cloudastructure, we automatically handle everything from OS updates, to security patches, to application updates. We even notify you automatically by e-mail if the Cloudastructure Appliance, or any of its cameras, go down.

What if I already have a DVR-based system?

With the addition of a device called a “video server” your old analog cameras will work with the Cloudastructure service. If you buy your video server direct from Cloudastructure then it, along with your Cloudastructure Video Appliance, will ship preconfigured to drop into your network.

What if I need help with network cabling or configuring my network or other onsite help?

If Cloudastructure can’t help you over the phone then we will dispatch a local technical representative to your location at competitive local rates. We will then work with the technician to make sure all your onsite needs are met.

I'm a security company already selling cameras and DVR's. Does Cloudastructure work with resellers?

Yes. Give us a call and tell us about your business, chances are that we’d like to sign you up and you can add Cloudastructure camera surveillance system in your portfolio.

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What to Expect in this demo?

The free demo will focus around understanding the security and surveillance requirement at your building/facility. We will help you understand what should be the best combination of cloud based services and hardware. Also, the session will help you plan how you can scale your video surveillance and access control infrastructure in future without any technical and infrastructure changes.

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Facility Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents, Maintenance Management, Office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officers), University Police Departments, IT Directors and IT Architects involved with Physical Security, Campus Directors or Principals of K-12 Schools.