White Glove Services - Turnkey Design & Installation

By Cloudastructure & Partners

Physical Security Project Design

Cloudastructure along-with its partners will help you design the surveillance and access points for the best-in-class physical security solution with virtual walkthrough or actual property visit per client requirements

Turnkey Project Execution Services

Cloudastructure team of experts will oversee and coordinate the project from “Design to Live” Project Execution, with options for sourcing equipment, installation, test and maintenance.

Are you Ready to Move Toward your Next Generation Physical Security Solution?

Cloudastructure, working with its partners will be your “single point of contact” to help design a state of the art physical security solution aligned with your specific requirements and then marshall its project execution services team to deliver on the promise, depending on the scope of the project, from “DESIGN to LIVE” in days or weeks.

Pre-integrated solutions

Cloudastructure Access Control and Video Surveillance services already work together. Use a camera to unlock a door from any web browser. Badging in will disarm the alarm. No integration design work required, just a one stop shop.

Known Hardware solutions

Will that camera work? Will that keypad work? What hardware do I need for that tricky door? Cloudastructure has worked with hundreds of different cameras and door peripherals. We know what will work and what won’t.

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Learn about the Cloudastructure Turnkey Project Coordination Methodology


We’ll design it. Cloudastructure products are “pre-integrated” and work together right out of the box.


We’ll help select and manage the installers needed to get it up and working.

Go-Live & Training

We’ll train you how to use it. We don’t charge anything for phone and Email support.


We’ll be there to support you going forward. All of our HW is warranted for the life of your service.

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