Cloudastructure Increases Price of Reg A+ by 20%

San Mateo, CA.  Cloudastructure Inc. reports that they have raised their Regulation A+ offering price by 20%. Originally selling units at $1/each, that price has now increased to $1.20.  

In the original Cloudastructure offering, each unit contained two shares of Class A Common Stock, at $0.50/each, and a warrant to buy a third share of that same stock for $0.75.  Each share of common stock is now valued at $0.60 and the exercise price of the warrant has moved to $0.90.  In both cases, the warrants are exercisable for 18 months from the date of investment.

Cloudastructure is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and provides enterprises with advanced Video Surveillance solutions, such as Facial Recognition and Face Mask Detection, using Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.  

About Cloudastructure, Inc.:

Cloudastructure delivers computer vision, machine learning, AI, cloud based video surveillance systems to enterprises.

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The offer circular can be found here.