• Facial Recognition

    “That guy – Where else has he been on our campus?”

  • Multifactor Authentication

    Phone, Face, Badge, and many more…

  • Tailgating Prevention

    One Badge, one Person, one Entry

  • Rackmount Door Controller

    The first Rack Mount Access Control solution

  • IT Secure - No Open Ports

    No Open Ports, penetration proof

Why move to cloud based security from RFID cards?

Your RFID card is insecure, anyone can make a copy of it anytime — in most cases while it’s in your pocket. Almost all RFID cards in use today simply transmit their unique ID in plain text to anyone who requests it. In this video, you see a long range card reader carried in a nondescript messenger bag being used to read cards on major technology campuses throughout Silicon Valley. Those unique ID’s are tiny, somewhere between 26 and 42 bits, and easily programmed onto a new card — which is identical to the original card and fully functional.

Cloudastructure’s Multifactor Security can make sure your face matches your badge, or your phone is with you when you badge in, or both. Or more. We are integrating Computer Vision with Access Control and Video Surveillance to allow for automated Tailgate Detection (someone follows a badge holder in through a door), Face Recognition and much more.

What are you looking for?

Cloud Video Surveillance

Video monitoring and recording platform


Cloud Access Control

Access management and door control system



Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Tailgate Detection, Face Recognition & more.

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