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IoT Based Technology

Connect your doors, cameras, alarms and more

Cloud Video Surveillance

Video monitoring and recording platform

Cloud Access Control

Access management and door control system

How Does Cloudastructure Cloud Based Video Surveillance & Access Control Work?

Cloudastructure delivers cloud-based infrastructure to provide Integrated Building Automation Solutions for Video Monitoring and Cloud Video Surveillance, Cloud Door Access Control, as well as integration with sensors to support your specific Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.

The Cloudastructure solution delivers the intelligence onsite while keeping your data safely offsite. Cloudastructure hardware utilizes state of art technology, delivered at a very competitive price that beats the industry standards and comes with zero maintenance or replacement costs through our life-time warranty. The Cloudastructure solution centralizes the management of access control with video monitoring and allows customers to scale geographically across multiple locations.

Cloudastructure can support your installation efforts, helping you get in touch with local installation partners or take turnkey responsibility for delivering the solution seamlessly. The service and support is provided for a small monthly subscription requiring no upfront licensing costs or capital budgets.


Live Surveillance

Connect with your buildings through live cloud based video surveillance on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Access Control

Connect your buildings to ensure seamless authorized access through doors and openings using cloud based door controllers.

Monitor Alarms

Connect to monitor alarms, handle exceptions, and review alerts.

Cloudastructure, Door Access Control, Video Surveillance


Fully Hosted

Secure physical infrastructure with no expensive DVRs or servers needed onsite that are susceptible to tampering or removal resulting in no available record of a break-in/robbery.

Secure Network

Secure network infrastructure with no holes in the firewall needed to access videos remotely.

Access Control

Secure access controls that can be modified with a few clicks, avoiding expensive re-keying or changing locks to offices, labs and conference rooms as you adapt to ever changing access credentials for users and buildings.

Cloudastructure, Door Access Control, Video Surveillance



Scale your cloud based Building Automation System across multiple buildings, distributed geographically – no need for dedicated infrastructure.


Scale video monitoring to track users across buildings and locations.


Scale access controls to seamlessly manage access credentials for users and user groups across buildings, campus or across offices globally.

Cloudastructure, Door Access Control, Video Surveillance

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