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How Does Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Work
How Does Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Work

How does Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Work?

Cloudastructure Cloud Video Recorder (CVR)The primary function of the Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) is to provide an interface between the Cloudastructure Service and camera that you may have set-up for video surveillance system.

Cloud Video Recorder is the next step in the VCR -> DVR -> NVR chain. It Replaces all DVRs/NVRs, servers, storage arrays, backup tapes, software, operating systems, and any required IT support. It routes all video surveillance feed from your local cameras to Cloudastructure server where it is recorded, stored, archived and made available to you on any device from any location, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Features of Cloud Video Recorder (CVR)

No Software

Fully web-based video surveillance system and camera management. No Software required.

No Hardware

Built on robust cloud platform. No hardware needed to store and preserve video data.

Safe & Secure

Video content is delivered via secured protocol. All video feeds are protected with access controlled accounts.

Fully Scalable

Expand across multiple facilities. Add new sites under coverage just by few clicks of buttons.

24x7 Available

Access video feed across any device at any time. Even on off-duty hours and holidays !

Most Economical

Spend less for more. Cloud based video surveillance enables you to expand while reducing cost.

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Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Pricing

One Time Investment. Returns for Lifetime!

Cloudastructure Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Wallmount

CVR Wall Mount: $999

Supports up to 10 cameras.
M.2 SSD for local caching.
Ships with all necessary software pre-installed.
Warrantied for the life of the service.

Cloudastructure Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Rackmount

CVR 1U Rack Mount: $1999-$4999

Supports up to 30 cameras.
4-16 cores, 1-4 3.5″ HDD’s in RAID1/5/7/10. SSD’s available.
Ships with all necessary software pre-installed.
Warrantied for the life of the service.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Cloudastructure hardware is 100% covered for the life of the service.
100% Maintenance Free: Automatic OS updates, applications updates, security patches.
NO expensive DVR or NVR to buy, setup or maintain.
Works best with Cloudastructure Video Surveillance As A Service.

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